Tuesday, 22 July 2014

HOTW #23...Blackout

On occasion the Hubster and I have been known to be watching television, whilst on our phones with perhaps the odd scroll through an iPad or laptop at the same time. Conversations are broken or left unfinished and our attention is torn between various degrees of nothingness. It wasn't until a fellow blogger Hannah Maggs brought up the idea of 'Blackout' that I thought, hmmm...she is really onto something here. I mentioned here that we were planning on giving this whole 'Blackout' idea a whirl and you can read in more detail Hannah's Blackout theory in this post. But the basic concept is simple- at least one night a week, switch off and step away from all electronic devices and give each other or yourselves your full attention.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Review...Love Aroma Candles

The day we moved into our first home together will always be up there on the list of 'best days ever'. Moving day seemed to take forever to come around and after being together for almost eight years, we were more than ready to move out and start the next chapter in our lives. The day was a whirlwind of unpacking, cleaning, loading and unloading cars, 'thank yous and 'can you help mes' in the midst of a zillion trips up and down three flights of stairs. Thankfully we had a lot of helping hands and by the end of the day, sitting on the floor, eating pizza and sipping champagne, we were exhausted. But it was one of the best days- ever.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer Holiday Book Reviews...

I do love a good holiday reading marathon. Life is so busy that I rarely have time to read more than a chapter throughout a normal week, whereas on holiday I can read solidly for hours on end. There's nothing I love more when I'm away (other than the sun, sea and spending time with family of course) than sitting by the pool with my head in a book until the sun goes down...sociable, I know. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fabulous Friday...

Feeling hot, hot, hot...wow has this week been a very busy and sweaty one. As well as learning all about Manatees, (aka Sea Cows...apparently they aren't a mythical creature- I googled it to check...well you can't always take everything an eight year old says literally!) I also walked smack bang into a dustbin which had a class of sprogs in fits of giggles, I then had an absolute mare following a horse for an hour over Wimbledon Common getting covered in horse dust and god knows what else (I'm so not outdoorsy) and then finished it off by perfecting the art of filling up a zillion water bomb balloons. Get me. Anyhoo, the weekend (and no doubt some mighty thunder storms) are almost here...Happy Fabulous Friday!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

HOTW #22...Brunch with My Little Bro...

My Saturday mornings are usually consumed with housework or blogging. Whilst my Instagram feed teases me with beautiful images of carefully constructed breakfast dishes or annoyingly fit peeps heading out for a weekend workout, I'm either donning the rubber gloves or still slouching around in my PJ's until 2pm hunched away in my blogging corner. But this weekend I ditched the toilet duck for a spot of brunch in the sunshine with my little brother, followed by a browse around the market and a cruise in his convertible... Bridget Jones, eat your heart out! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Fabulous Friday...

Some people just aren't meant to be great when it comes to cooking and I'm certainly one of them. I've spent most of this week being 'overly dramatic' in the kitchen apparently. But I defy anyone to keep their cool whilst cooking up homemade fudge (which is a seriously steaming hot faff!) along with making a pizza dough (a Coeliac's worst nightmare) for the first time entirely from scratch! Did you know that the Victorians put cherries, pineapple and coconut in their fudge? Me neither...there's a real chance here that I've done a Rachel from Friends moment...but instead of a trifle/shepherds pie I might have made a fudge/cherry cake...needless to say is tasted gross and the pizza wasn't much better. So this weekend I'm off out to dinner with friends and steering well clear of the kitchen...Happy Fabulous Friday! 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Shortlisted for the Next Newcomer Award...Pretty Please Vote for Moi!

What better way to start a Monday morning than discovering that you've been shortlisted for an award eh? But that's exactly how my week started- and I'm still grinning. Seeing my name up alongside nine other newbie bloggers who have been shortlisted for the Next Newcomer Blog Award at this year's Cosmopolitan Blog Awards was simply amazing. Chuffed doesn't quite cut it. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who nominated Miss Enchanting to get to this stage. It always sounds so cliche and bog standard to say that it means the world to me- but it really does. You are all amazeballs. 

So while I'm off making 'Vote for Moi' t-shirts, posters and badges...(half joking, half seriously considering it) pretty please can you vote again for Miss Enchanting for the Newcomer Award here...there's no faffing with urls this time and it literally only takes two clicks and less than two seconds to do! But if you are in any doubt as to why you should vote for my blog to win an actual award, then I've put together a little round up of my finest, proudest and shameless blogging moments that might steer you in the right direction...

Reasons to Vote for Moi!