Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Life, Love, Laughter Lately...

A little round up of Life Lately, with a splash of Love and a dose of Laughter for good measure...

Seeing Sam Smith at the Hammersmith Apollo with one of my besties. Nothing quite beats seeing a musician perform their album live and Sam Smith didn't let us down. He was incredible and so humble. Best songs for me where Nirvana and Restart...brilliant night. 

Baking Gluten Free Banana Muffins. Baking bores me...but I had about 12 bananas going mouldy so thought I would whip up a batch of banana muffins. Doubling up on the quantities to use up the bananas meant that I ended up with about 400 muffins and a "cake" that would be better used as a frisbee...or a doorstop. Needless to say I've gone right off bananas for the foreseeable future... #bananaoverload 

Working out in the rain. If you'd have said this time last year that I would be working outside in conditions anything below overcast, I would have laughed in your face. I have excuses in abundance as to why I shouldn't work out and the weather would most definitely always have been up there as reasons why I should stay indoors and put the kettle on instead. But I'm slowly turning a new leaf. Not everyday...I haven't completely lost my marbles, but 'if it's raining, we're still training' so my instructor says. Great. This better be worth it.  

Playing scrabble in the pub. This is how every Saturday afternoon should be spent...sitting in a warm pub by a log fire with good friends, eating delicious pub grub and playing a game of scrabble. Oh dear...how old do I sound?!

Cooking up a storm and winning. I've spent the last year harping on that I'm a pants cook but as it turns out, I might not be so terrible in the kitchen after all. When I entered the Knorr Gluten Free Challenge I thought it would be fun to plan out a whole weekend's worth of meals, some old and some new, using their Knorr stock pots. I never thought I would actually win the challenge and coming home to this luxury gluten free prize hamper was just brilliant. There's nothing quite like a reward for your hard work...particularly edible prizes...yum! 

What lovely life moments have you experienced lately...? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time,

With Love, Life & Laughter,

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Pretty Please Vote For Moi...!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Urban Outfitters Haul...

Oopsie...so I might have done a little spending damage in Urban Outfitters. I'd heard of this store but had never stumbled upon one until our recent trip to Shoreditch before our Hot Tub Cinema experience. Wowzers. This store is not only uber cool, but it has something for everyone. From clothes to homeware and beauty, there was no way on this planet I was going to walk out of this shop empty handed. It was a shopaholics dream (and a Husbands worst nightmare) where you could pick up totally unessential but super lovely bits and pieces. So of course I just had to share my new finds with a post and, because I have no shame, a video haul too...brilliant. Aren't you the lucky ones...!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What Happen's in the Bedroom...

...should stay in the bedroom. Or so most people say. But of course I'm not most people. Instead of keeping my everyday thoughts and woes behind closed doors, I choose to air my dirty laundry (which from this post you'll know that my laundry is kept in impeccable order) on t'internet for all to have a ganders. From sharing my family's naughty sides to life's little trials, I'm practically one butt cheek away from turning into Kim Kardashian-I-love-me-who-do-you-love-West. Slight exaggeration...but there's just something ever so therapeutic about getting a few things off your chest in cyber space. And this week seemed as good as any to open up about the one argument the Hubster and I have on a regular basis...and that's in the bedroom department. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Spider Pranks, Spells & Hot Tub Halloween...

Now this is my kind of Halloween. A bit of shopping, some yummy food, followed by a dip in a hot tub with my gorgeous sisters, watching a tame chick flick spooky film, eating popcorn and drinking prosecco. No goriness, no unnecessary heart attacks, with the scariest thing to come out of the evening being Emily and Frances tormenting me with a plastic spider. Yes I hate spiders. Even plastic ones.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

UK Blog Awards 2015...Pretty Please Vote for Moi

After all the hype and hard work that went into rallying support and votes for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, I was completely exhausted and the idea of putting myself forward for another blogging award is really daunting. Not only am I wary of failure, but also conscious that a lot of the effort was put in by my lovely readers, friends and family and I don't want to be that annoying bug that keeps pestering everybody. But the only way to win an award, in any line of work, is to be nominated and sadly I can't do that by myself...well without being disqualified anyway and we wouldn't want that.

If you don't try for something you really want, you won't get anywhere in life. Being shortlisted for best newcomer was one of the best achievements in my blogging career so far and even though I didn't win, I came home with some amazing memories, brilliant blogging buddies and a whole lot of excitement for what might be to come for my blog one day. So with the awards glitter and dust finally settled (for this year anyway) and the Cosmopolitan cocktail hangover long behind me, it's time to kick start a new 'Vote for Moi' campaign, starting with the UK Blog Awards 2015.

Competition is fierce with a zillion hopeful contenders. Little old me is one of them, so I need all the blog love and support I can muster up to make it through to the next stage...voting couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is hit the UK Blog Award logo above or click on this link to take you through to Miss Enchanting's designated voting page and enter your name, email address and submit. It literally takes seconds and you'll be making one blogger a very happy chick indeed. Voting closes on Monday 1st December 2014...so at least that's only two weeks of social media bugging, begging and pleading you will all have to endure. Happy days.  

Thanking you all in advance and please feel free to share the link and the blog love...you are all amazeballs. 

Until next time, 

With Love & UK Blog Award Aspirations, 

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Book Club...Revenge of the Tide- Elizabeth Haynes

"I froze, listening with my whole body.
No sound, nothing- just the waves lapping against the side of the hull"
Genevieve has finally escaped her stressful and dangerous working life in the big city to settle down and make a fresh start aboard a houseboat in Kent. But trouble seems to have followed her down the river as a body washes up beside her new floating home and Genevieve knew the victim. With her life on the line, she quickly learns the real cost of mixing business and pleasure. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Knorr Gluten Free Challenge

When the lovely peeps over at Knorr asked if I'd be interested in taking up Knorr's Gluten Free Challenge, I was initially a little dubious about taking up a challenge that involved being creative in the kitchen. Usually when I'm attempting something new, or under pressure to cook, I get seriously stressed out and therefore don't enjoy the food I'd been slaving over for hours. 

As much as I love trying out new foods, finding gluten free dishes that are tasty for the whole family can sometimes be quite a struggle. Surprisingly, coming up with a meal idea using a range of Knorr's Stock Pots opened up a wide range of hassle free cooking options, so I thought I would take the challenge one step further and create meals for the entire weekend using a different flavoured Knorr Stock with each meal. For the first time in ages I actually enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Each stock pot is bursting with flavour and so simple to use- each dish was a success and every plate was cleared. 

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